All The Single Ladies: Man Posts Creepy Flyer Looking For A Girlfriend

Some people enjoy going to bars in order to meet women. Some people use OKCupid or Tinder as an alternative option. But for Dan Perino, he decided to go the ol' ink and paper route by posting this flyer around New York City in hopes of finding "the one".

Gentle soul or mugshot?

For being a creative person, you'd think he could've made a less bland flyer. Also, only three tabs with your number? C'mon, man. What if the one was the fourth lady down the line?!Then what?!

Our friends at Brobible spotted this man's flyer near their office and decided to give him a call. Here are just a few things they learned from Dan (besides his actual name which he left off the ad):

"He has put up over five hundred flyers a day, over the course of four days."  If it didn't sound desperate before....

"He’s received upwards of 400 calls since Friday. After the flier hit the internet, many of the calls have been from around the country." Okay, so at least it's working?

"He is willing to date any age as long as it’s legal.” Hey, he said girlfriend, not wife material. An 18-year-old will do just fine.

"He claims to be hung like a coke can." At least he doesn't lack confidence.

So ladies, if you're single and this guy appeals to you at all, give him a call! It's his actual number and he will be happy to talk to you. What happens after that is all on you.

For further details about this New York lover and what he's looking for, head over to Brobible's article.