Dumbass Brings Pot To His Own Court Case

The movement to completely legalize marijuana is slowly growing. Several states have approved its use for medical purposes and two whole states are letting people toke up without having to pretend that they have glaucoma or jaundice. It’s Miller time! 

There are some people out there who aren’t embracing this progress as a positive thing and are still attempting to undermine efforts to completely legalize it by claiming that it still presents a serious risk to a person’s mental well-being and may lead to crime, harder drugs, prostitution, vampirism, diurnal diarrhea, suicidal flatulence and epoch socket. Of course that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying things like alcohol, prescription medicine that list “suicide” as a side effect and The Learning Channel, all of which are inexplicably legal.

There are cases that boost such a misguided argument like the Stamford, Connecticut man who showed up to court for his drug case with a bag of marijuana. Richard Thompson, 32, was scheduled to appear in court in New Jersey for a hearing on several drug related charges including (wait for it) marijuana possession. However, he was detained when he went through the security screening and inspectors found a bag of marijuana along with rolling papers and an unrolled cigar wrapper in his backpack. He received an additional marijuana possession charge on top of the one that he was already facing and an extra charge of having drug paraphernalia. His charge of being a dumbass was plead down to misdemeanor stupidity.

Of course, there’s also an argument to be made that if marijuana wasn’t lumped in with other criminal drugs that such an act wouldn’t necessitate charges in the first place. However, we’re sure he would have found a way to do something equally stupid in another arena of the law like letting a dog drive a car or asking a cop who pulled him over to “hold my beer.”   Did you know that’s not legal?  Crazy world.