Bike Thief Lassoed By A Man On Horseback At Walmart Is Most American Thing Ever!

For today in American Badass we go to Eagle Point, Oregon. That is where a woman walking out of a Walmart Friday morning discovered a man riding away on her bicycle. She began to scream for help. What happened next was just like something out of The Lone Ranger.

A man who happened to have his horse in a trailer jumped on his trusty steed, chased the bike thief across the parking lot and lassoed him!

Next the hero cowboy held the man, still roped until the police arrived. The perpetrator of the failed bike snatching, Victorino Sanchez was arrested on a theft charge and is being held at the Jackson County Jail. I assume he is there rambling on how he just got lassoed and none of the other inmates believe him.

As for the unidentified hero cowboy, we raise a pint of Budweiser to you, sir. A real American badass!

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