Guy Offers Washington Nationals Playoff Tickets In Exchange For Group Sex

A fan of the Washington Nationals Major League baseball team is looking to take a few willing women to bat this weekend.

Woah; what does that signal mean?

A post on Craigslist is offering up exclusive “Diamond Club” tickets to Friday’s playoff game in exchange for participation in group sex. Hold on; it sounds like a good deal. Apparently Diamond Club members at Nationals Stadium enjoy all you can drink beer and wine, and all you can eat “gourmet” food. This is of course in addition to hoisting a giant pair of foul balls that are needed in order to offer up these amenities in exchange for a three-way with “two women only.”

If you are an attractive female baseball fan, yet who is conversely also someone who is willing to have sex with strangers at the promise of “all you can eat” – this might be the offer of a lifetime. An athletic 24 year old guy, who is not “some old gross dude” is looking to have his first threesome.

Red Sox? She looks like she plays for the TWINS.

All you have to do is provide him two to three photos, have group sex with the guy and Washington Nationals here you come! And you’d be making someone’s lifelong dream come true.  This guy really enjoys box seats, minus the word seats.

This actually looks really cool, but I’m only willing to go to third base with him.

So Nationals fans, if you see two young, lovely ladies limping to section 119 of the Diamond Club this Friday, smile and give them a nod because they truly took one for the team.

Does your baseball stadium have a kinky sex club? Batter up!

I mean is it any wonder baseball is America’s favorite national pastime! Get the whole family together and sing!

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Just touch my penis and let me see your crack
Have the other girl get on her back.

Add your own baseball sex pun below; I’m hungry for hotdogs for some reason.

Go Nationals!

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