Man Murdered by Atomic Wedgie!

An Oklahoma man, Brad Davis admited to murdering his stepfather with an atomic wedgie.  Denver Lee St. Clair was found dead in his home with his underwear over his head and the waistband around his neck. Police said this is the first known death by underwear in the area, but probably not the last now that auto-erotic asphyxiation enthusiasts have a new high bar of embarrassing deaths to achieve.  

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Brad Davis, creator of the Vulcan Death Wedgie

Death by atomic wedgie? What’s next? A rampant killing spree utilizing Napalm Noogies, Deathly Dutch Rubs,  and Terrifying Titty Twisters? Who needs a gun when the McGyver of undergarments is on the prowl. This guy could be a hit man, just give him a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.

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Police have determined that the victim, St. Clair died due to blunt force trauma to the head and asphyxiation. When Davis showed up at the house, St. Cair “jumped him” and the two got in a fight which ended with the atomic wedgie move that should totally be allowed now in UFC fights.

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Amazing what you find when you Google “wedgie.”

Don’t think I am making light of a silly game  of wedgies between relatives that ended in an unfortunate tragedy. Its seems as though the victim, St. Clair was less of a fun “give your step son a swirlie” and tussle his hair horseplay kind of guy and more of an abusive asshole who’se wife (the wedgie killer’s mother) had a protective order against for grabbing her by the neck and throwing her through a bathroom door.  Which makes sense; how much do you have to hate someone to kill them with their poo stained tighty whities?

This guy gets atomic wedgie runner up because he gave it to himself and no one died!

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