Man Leases Out Girlfriend So He Can Buy The New IPhone 6

And you thought Americans were hungry to get their hands on the new iPhone 6.

In China, a college student had a bright idea to make extra cash in order to afford the new Apple product. The unfortunate part included leasing out his girlfriend to strangers.

According to his fancy homemade sign, the details of the “contract” include studying, playing games, eating, going on dates, but NO funny business. Let’s assume that means sex. The more interesting part is that his girlfriend is a more than willing participant in his money making scheme. Nothing makes a woman want her man more than to see him with that shiny new phone.

The man offers an $1.64 hourly rate, as well as a monthly rate for the extra lonely folks.

He even includes information like her height of 5’5″, weight of 105 lbs. and interests like studying foreign languages. He also includes a picture which he has on his phone to show any interested customers.

Long story short, can Apple afford to just give this man a phone? We hope she will at least be able to hold the phone for a minute after it’s all over with.

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source: ibtimes