Man Jailed For 7 Years For Being Naked Loses Human Rights Case

For the past eleven years Stephen Gough has been repeatedly arrested for public nudity in England and Scotland. Each time he was arrested his punishment increased to the point that he has spent a total of seven years in prison. While in prison he was even separated from the other prisoners because he refused to wear clothes. Known in the media as The Naked Rambler, Gough did all this because he wants what he calls “junk laws” thrown out, so he can walk around with his junk out.

“Do you have a permit for that thing?”

Gough feels that simply whipping out your tally whacker and going for a walk doesn’t warrant the constant arrests and time in prison he has faced. He brought his fight to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in protest of laws he says violate human rights Article 8,  “the right to respect for private and family life”  and Article 10  “freedom of expression.” Unfortunately for him the human rights court doesn’t think he has a right to freely express his penis from his pants. They said;

“The applicant’s case is troubling, since his intransigence has led to his spending a substantial period of time in prison for what is, in itself, usually a relatively trivial offence. However, the applicant’s imprisonment is the consequence of his repeated violation of the criminal law in full knowledge of the consequences, through conduct which he knew full well not only goes against the standards of accepted public behavior in any modern democratic society but also is liable to be alarming and morally and otherwise offensive to other, un-warned members of the public going about their ordinary business.”

Fighting for the right to drip ball sweat wherever he goes.

There are two separate issues at play here, that shouldn’t be confused. However I’m guessing this will allow us to see who actually reads the entire article and who doesn’t before commenting. The first issue is what some people feel is the absurdity of making laws prohibiting nudity.  This was the Naked Rambler’s protest in the first place. He said; “How can nature expressed in human form be indecent? How can any sane person be offended at seeing the human body?”

She can have all the human rights she wants.

If we are talking about Kate Upton, I think we can all agree she deserves some human rights to be naked. If we are talking about the Naked Rambler, then no.

The second issue is the right of a government to enforce laws even if you continue to break them. While it may seem cruel that this man was imprisoned for seven years over “public indecency” it’s not the government’s fault. There are plenty of nude beaches and nudist colonies, but this guy spent seven years of his life in prison fighting for his right to whip it out.

That is his mom.

In other words if you purposely got yourself three hundred parking tickets and went bankrupt when you had to pay the total sum, it’s not the fault of your government. They weren’t trying to impose cruel and unusual punishment over a single parking ticket; you went out of your way to keep getting parking tickets. So he can’t claim that his human rights were violated over a situation he caused. The Naked Rambler was recently arrested again and sentenced to two and a half years for walking out of the court house wearing only boots and socks. You can say he is committed to his cause, but I think my human rights were just violated for having to picture that.

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