Man in Movie Theater Maced For Asking Woman to Turn Off Her Cell Phone

One of the rudest things any person can do is leave their cell phone on when they walk into a movie theater. A woman at a theater in Hollywood found a way to be even ruder by macing someone who asked them to turn off their cell phone while they were watching the movie

This is pretty close to what some poor guy saw when he asked a woman to turn off her cell phone in a movie theater. Well, we assume she also had horns. 

Last night, the American Film Institute held a special screening of the movie Mr. Turner, a biopic based on the life of painter J.M.W. Turner, at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Just after the lights dimmed and the movie started playing, the familiar glow of a cell phone could be seen in the back of the theater. A man sitting near the woman with the cell phone asked them if they could please turn off their cell phone or step out into the lobby if they really needed to use it. She ignored him and continued to use her phone presumably to catch up on an ebook she was reading like “How to Be a Decent God Damn Human Being.” 

We should be allowed to mace someone who uses their cell phone in a movie theater or Apple should build a self-macing app into their next iPhone for anyone who tries to do such a thing. 

The man asked several times but she continued to look at her phone. Finally, the man tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention and that’s when the woman flipped out. She turned on the flashlight feature on her phone and shined it in his face while accusing him of assaulting her. Soon, the people around her starting trying to shush her. The man tried to calm her down but he couldn’t stop her from reaching into her purse for a can of mace and spraying it right into his eyes. The amazing part is that she didn’t leave the theater. She sat right back down in her seat and continued watching the movie until ushers escorted her out of the theater. 

No one seems to know what happened to either person because neither have been identified or charged as far as we know from the reports that we’ve seen. We’re all assuming their fellow theater patrons didn’t get a ticket refund because that’s the best thing you can ever see a movie theater.