British Man In Coma Wakes Up Thinking He’s Matthew McConaughey

You know you’ve made it as a celebrity when people wish they actually were you. Imagine the new plateau they’ve reached when some person actually wakes up one day and thinks they’ve actually become them. 

Is that part of that “Time is a flat circle” that McConaughey’s “True Detective” character was talking about? 

That’s what happened to 25-year-old Roy Curtis of Birmingham, England. Curtis was involved a serious, six-car accident that caused an equally serious brain hemorrhage. He fell into a coma that lasted six whole days and with all due respect, it must have been one sweet coma because when he woke up, he could speak fluent French and he thought he was Matthew McConaughey. 

Admit it, this is probably pretty close to what the British version of Matthew McConaughey might look like. 

Unfortunately, the dream of thinking that he’s one of the world’s most famous actors didn’t last long. All it took was a quick trip to the mirror to convince himself that he wasn’t Matthew McConaughey, even though he still kept telling himself that he couldn’t wait to get back to the set and start filming movies again.  He says of the experience;

“When I went to the toilet I went to look in the mirror and I was shocked because I didn’t look like him, I didn’t know what I was looking at. Then slowly over time it eventually clicked and I thought ‘he is an actor, what am I on about?’ But at times I was in hospital thinking I can’t wait to get out of here and back to filming movies.”

I wonder how he feels in this picture?

Since the accident, he’s made a full recovery and he’s actually developed a more positive attitude since he’s realized how fragile life is in such dire circumstances. That’s probably because he realized how much better he has it now that he’s not Matthew McConaughey and had nothing to do with Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Source:  Metro