Man Grows Ear On Arm For Internet Connectivity: Will Let Everyone Listen To Him

We recently told you about a guy who had his hand attached to his leg in order to save it. However, have you heard about the professor in Perth, Australia who had an ear surgically implanted underneath the skin of his arm?


I’ve hear of the third eye but come on.

No? Well listen to this; an art professor named Stelarc at the Alternate Anatomies Laboratory at Curtin University has had a dream since 1996 that one day he could grow an ear in his arm for the world to hear everything he does. Well it took him 19 years but he has finally found medical professionals willing to participate in this bizarre project and the right technology to do the job. The man now has a third ear on his frickin arm.


Does this guy carry around barf bags for whoever he is talking to?

Doctors implanted a bio-polymer ear scaffold under Selarc’s skin and then blood vessels and tissue grew around it. The human art project seems to have worked and next Stelarc hpes they can use stem cells to grow a full lobe for the ear. Which will be great, if this guy has trouble hearing someone speaking to him he can just raise his arm in their direction!

You can watch part of the surgery here:

[[contentId: 2880670| | size: 75]]

Actually instead of helping him hear, the ear will have its own microphone (a mic was inserted but had to be removed due to infection) and then the mic will be connected to the internet via Wifi so the world can listen to everything the artist is doing at all times… because why not. In a way Stelarc wants you to be able to go visit Australia through his ear-arm:

“Increasingly now, people are becoming internet portals of experience … imagine if I could hear with the ears of someone in New York, imagine if I at the same time could see with the eyes of someone in London.”


While he plans to keep the signal on all the time, hopefully his Wifi connectivity will eventually come with an on-off switch for certain times when he may want some privacy.  I’m not sure how many people on the Internet will want to randomly listen to an Australian professor drop a deuce. ….On second thought this guy is going to have millions and millions of followers listening in.

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Source: ABC