Married Couple Of Cheaters Catfish Eachother On Facebook

Luck. Fate. Karma. Destiny. Meant to be. Any of those words or phrases can be applied to couples who find one another, but sometimes people get more than they bargained for. A couple in India made the news this week when it was discovered that they had both gone on Facebook under new identities to flirt with someone else.

In what could be part of a bad rom-com scenario, it turns out that the two new alter egos were of course themselves.  He was on Facebook to find someone “very interesting.” Meanwhile, she thought she had met an “exciting prospect.”

The fated(?) lovers decided to meet at a restaurant, and when they discovered they were actually already married to one another, began bickering to the apparent comic delight of other patrons at the restaurant. Soon though they started really screaming at each other.


The cops were called and couldn’t find a specific charge to arrest them for, stating that “It was a purely a personal matter and no police complaint was filed. So there is very little to say about the incident. Yes, the matter is once again with the Family Counseling Center.”

Another officer on the scene offered his insight into what happened here. Although he said the odds of this happening were “very, very negligible,” he added that “Such things happen when your luck is bad.”


We can scratch our heads and look for the lesson in this messy situation. Be careful what you wish for? Use better judgment when flirting with some strange online? Perhaps. Let’s just stick with try not to cheat on your partner using anything that Mark Zuckerberg invented.

Source: Times Of India