Man Goes Nuts At In-N-Out Restaurant Holding Door Open All Day

Any West Coast resident can tell you that eating a cheeseburger at In-N-Out is a religious experience. One man in Redding, California thought he was doing a good deed for others as prescribed by the Good Book when he stood in the doorway of an In-N-Out, carrying a bible and holding the door open for patrons – all day. Watch the video:

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Unfortunately the cheese wasn’t the only thing melting down. After several hours employees started to get weirded out; who would just stand there all day pretending to be a doorman? They asked him to order some food or leave. That’s when he went berserk, accusing them of being anti- Christian and going on a complete tirade saying something to the effect of:

“…Am I gonna get busted? NO. Was that worth it? Was that worth somebody coming in here and yelling? Somebody bitching about somebody holding a fucking door for people? WAS IT WORTH SOMEBODY COMING IN HERE YELLING? Fuck! [Unintelligible] Fuck! I’m a fucking Christian and [unintelligible] I’m gonna stand up for fucking Christians! Fuck this country! Call the police! They ain’t doing shit! Watch!”

The unidentified man proceeded to throw potted plants at the befuddled teenage burger flippers who you can see really just wanted to go back to doing the Lord’s work of serving up some tasty Double-doubles. To be fair I have lost my mind over some delicious “Animal Style” fries a few times.  

He can scream all he wants as long as he is holds the door open and this gets in my mouth.

I guess he has a point, they could have just let him stand there opening the door as long as he wasn’t bothering anyone. Was it worth someone coming in and yelling? Although, I would be more on his side if he was stuck opening the door all day. Have you ever gotten stuck holding the door open? You’re trying to be polite but people just keep coming through and before you know it you’re the doorman at Denny’s for a line of twenty.

The amazing smell of these burgers subdues most people, I’m impressed this guy had the energy.

What do you think; should the In-N-Out employees have left the guy alone or who cares, you like Jack In The Box better?

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