Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Jong-Un

Apparently one Kim Jong-Un isn’t enough. A Chinese man has decided to get plastic surgery to alter his appearance to look like the world’s favorite North Korean dictator.


I guess this means he is a huge fan of him. That or he just likes the Kim Jong-Un’s flawless bone structure.


Nailed it!

The man in question is 32-year-old Wang Lei. Reports say that he is “eccentric.” I would definitely say that the word “eccentric” is a tiny bit of an understatement. I would call him delusional. Or maybe just crazy — but I’m sure he is a great guy. He went under the knife to become the spitting image of the dictator and he has completed the transformation with Un’s signature drabby-chic uniform and mushroom haircut. Lei has been seen all over Nanjing sporting his new look with fellow plastic surgery fanatic and actress Liu Zixuan.


Lei met Zixuan at — you guessed it — a plastic surgery clinic when she was going in for a breast enlargement. They have since been seen together going on dates by photographers around Nanjing. People have been saying that Lei was REALLY into character with his new look.


After he gets tired of the Kim Jong-Un look, I wonder what corrupt world leader Lei would want to transform into next. I really hope it’s Putin.

Source: Daily Mail UK