Genius Of The Day: Man Gets Out Of Jury Duty By Wearing Prisoner Costume

For the genius of the day we go to St. Johnsbury, Vermont where James Lowe demonstrates what it means to be a goddamn hero. In over two hundred years of the American justice system there have been many excuses levied as to why a citizen needed to be excused from jury duty. However it took until this past Tuesday for one patriot to come up with a foolproof plan to not get placed on a jury.  James Lowe wore an old timey, pinstriped black and white prisoner uniform costume to his assigned jury selection proceedings where he showed up promptly on time.

Don’t do the time, if you don’t want to have to decide the fate of some other guy who did the crime.

However the jury experience for Lowe was less like Twelve Angry Men and more like one angry judge. Deputies at the courthouse directed Lowe to meet with the judge in an empty courtroom. Once he entered the chamber, the judge informed the man already dressed as a cartoon criminal that he could be held in “contempt of court” for the stunt. This means he could have been fined or even face jail time. However the judge simply dismissed him and told him to leave.

Anyone who has ever had the anxiety of jury duty hanging over their head, this man is a genius and a hero. Lowe points out to his local newspaper, The Caledonian Record that in the juror instructions don’t restrict clothing. Now that is how you fight the system.

Lowe didn’t take shirking his civic duty lightly.  He says he is happy to be released from jury duty because of his “work schedule and family obligations.” Yeah, yeah that’s what they all say; “Ooh I have a job, ooh I have a family. I don’t have time for this, I will lose money and my children will starve blah blah.” You need to get in there and be a “jury of his peers” for that guy that killed his girlfriend and ate pieces of her skin. Come on! Just kidding, I’m just jealous I didn’t think of this.

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Source: The Caledonian Record