Man Forced To Live On Lawn Of His Mansion For 6 Months After Wife Kicks Him Out

A man in Seabrook, Texas has spent the last six months living on the front lawn of the 1.3 million dollar home that he owns with his wife. Although 69-year-old Sharafat Khan is the rightful owner of half the property his wife kicked him out and changed the locks. Since then he has lived on the front lawn with no access to food, clothing, the bathroom or his bank accounts. Damn, if she wanted to get rid of him, she needs to throw the dog at least little bone, right?


Although police have been called at least 30 times, they have thus far not been legally able to force him to leave the lawn or force the wife to let him inside. So he has been living like a homeless person on the lawn. When neighbors try to bring him blankets, the wife Shahnaz takes them away. She even put up a sign warning people against feeding him.  People are worried the frail old man will die on his own front yard. Then I imagine his “next of kin” will need to claim his body.. oh God.


The Most Interesting Man in The World raises property value when he crashes on your lawn.

OK, technically he is not homeless. He has a home, it is right there; he is just not allowed inside. Since he does not have access to his money, he cannot afford a lawyer to help him out of the predicament; he also can’t afford a hotel. However, instead of crashing on a friend’s couch he stays on the front lawn day and night, after all it is his place. He says it all comes down to money;

“She doesn’t want to hand over half her fortune.”


Not a bad lawn to hang out on all day.

So what did this guy do? According to her they have been fighting for years on associating with other members of the family, yet she is unwilling to get a divorce for religious reasons. According to him that is all a bunch of BS and she just wants his money. However there have been more serious allegations of verbal and physical abuse from Khan. He was arrested in 2008 for domestic violence, and in December 2014 she even received a protective order against him. Oh. Well in that case pull up a rock and use it as a pillow dude, you earned it.


Is it fair that the wife is keeping him out of his own home? Or is this guy crazy and he should just go somewhere else?

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Source: Daily Mail UK