Man Fired For Buying Legal Weed In Washington State

Mike Boyer waited in line for 19 hours in order to be the first person in Spokane, Washington to purchase legal marijuana when the state allowed its sale for recreational use for the first time on Tuesday. I bet he wishes he could have smoked up before that long wait! Sadly after Boyer was featured on the local news, a client narced on him to his employer and he was promptly fired. Super bummer, way harsh bro. Wait, so if it’s legal, this is basically like being fired for buying a six pack of beer, right?

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The offending news clip that got Boyer bounced.

While waiting in line at Green Leaf, Spokane’s first recreational dispensary  and talking to the news crew Boyer was super chill, sporting his Grateful Dead looking tie-dye shirt and talking about different rare strains of weed. So why would The Man have to come down and ruin his good time? Turns out Boyer worked as a security guard for Kodiak Security Services who I’m guessing don’t like having their guards on television chanting about marijuana (seriously, you have to watch the clip). Maybe there was a drug policy in place beforehand, but it’s legal now. So Boyer sort of just got fired for buying a pack of Camels.  Maybe he can get a job at the marijuana dispensary, guarding all that valuable product? Although in this case that would be like a fat guy guarding the ice cream.

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Boyer regrets nothing saying, “I’m still the captain! I’m still number one! I mean, a man can always get a job. But a man can only be the first person to buy recreational cannabis in Spokane once.” He even posted his resume to Craigslist if any 420 friendly employers are hiring.

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The jobless security guard wasn’t the only one there, with several hundred people eventually showing up throughout the day to celebrate the ability to smoke a legal joint. Alex Rehberg was second in line, which if we are being chill about it, is really first by pot head standards.

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Alex says while waiting in line he “got some McDonalds and took a nap for a couple of hours.” That sounds like pretty much what he’s going to do when he gets home as well.

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At least Boyer was fired over something like his legal right to smoke marijuana, and not shit canned over something as silly as dancing, like that park ranger in Tennessee did a few weeks ago.

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So what do you think, was it fair that he got fired for buying something legal in his state?

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