Man Fired For Buying Legal Weed In Washington State

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jul. 10, 2014
Mike Boyer waited in line for 19 hours in order to be the first person in Spokane, Washington to purchase legal marijuana when the state allowed its sale for recreational use for the first time on Tuesday. I bet he wishes he could have smoked up before that long wait! Sadly after Boyer was featured on the local news, a client narced on him to his employer and he was promptly fired. Super bummer, way harsh bro. Wait, so if it’s legal, this is basically like being fired for buying a six pack of beer, right?

The offending news clip that got Boyer bounced.

While waiting in line at Green Leaf, Spokane’s first recreational dispensary  and talking to the news crew Boyer was super chill, sporting his Grateful Dead looking tie-dye shirt and talking about different rare strains of weed. So why would The Man have to come down and ruin his good time? Turns out Boyer worked as a security guard for Kodiak Security Services who I’m guessing don’t like having their guards on television chanting about marijuana (seriously, you have to watch the clip). Maybe there was a drug policy in place beforehand, but it’s legal now. So Boyer sort of just got fired for buying a pack of Camels.  Maybe he can get a job at the marijuana dispensary, guarding all that valuable product? Although in this case that would be like a fat guy guarding the ice cream.

Boyer regrets nothing saying, "I'm still the captain! I'm still number one! I mean, a man can always get a job. But a man can only be the first person to buy recreational cannabis in Spokane once." He even posted his resume to Craigslist if any 420 friendly employers are hiring.

The jobless security guard wasn’t the only one there, with several hundred people eventually showing up throughout the day to celebrate the ability to smoke a legal joint. Alex Rehberg was second in line, which if we are being chill about it, is really first by pot head standards.

Alex says while waiting in line he “got some McDonalds and took a nap for a couple of hours.” That sounds like pretty much what he’s going to do when he gets home as well.


At least Boyer was fired over something like his legal right to smoke marijuana, and not shit canned over something as silly as dancing, like that park ranger in Tennessee did a few weeks ago.

So what do you think, was it fair that he got fired for buying something legal in his state?

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Artimus1 User

Yes, he was a dumb ass for showing his face, second it's Spokane where we Washingtonians know sucks ass.

Kezeal User

Employers can still have a zero tolerance policy for marijuana. Whoever wrote this should have done some research first. Our security company has the same policy, and my understanding is that state legislators fully support an employer's right to continue screening for marijuana in drug tests.

Uputz User

Where do these people live in Stepford? You see worst dancing on cable TV

ajgmazzieri UserTop Commenter

"a client narced on him." This guy phil haney is incredibly stupid. and once again… writing an informative and inaccurate article having to do with legal issues. this guy is full retard.

CurTas UserTop Commenter

Security Guard?......No $#!T he's fired. You know this guy was going high to work. What an idiot. 

CanadianTroll User

Sounds like you guys need anti discrimination laws and legal protections for what an employer can and can not use to fire or hire you guys. The USA is almost like Pakistan sometimes I swear, what year is this? 1770s England or something?

ILLest05 User

The thing is though.. You can be fired for anything in Washington State. Doesn't matter if it was for weed or being ugly. The employer can sack you at any moment. 

Robert-Patton-148 User

Phil Haney  State law can not over ride federal law and pot is still a controlled substance so its not like its a six pack, you are a retard and have no clue. You are the poster boy for why you shouldn't smoke dope.

KealGSeo User

Yeah an employer can still fire you over it. They can fire you for that 6-pack of beer too if they see fit. Heck, depending on your state they don't even have to give you a reason...just fire your ass. He could however have not smoked his purchase then if it is a state that requires a reason, I don't live there so I don't know, he could have sued for wrongful termination on the grounds that he never failed a test and could pass one. No one thinks ahead though so...

purfusdotcom User

Meh, everyone one is talking about this like it's a big deal.  He worked at a temp agency.  He probably didn't give two shits about that job.  I've no doubt he's better off now. 

Samuel-Brownfield-372 User

I was wondering what would happen with drug-free work places in legalized marijuana states...  I guess a lot depends on what your contract says.  Does it just restrict drug use to the extent that you do not come to the job under the influence of drugs or does it restrict you from taking any drug in your life of the employment?  Also, what constitutes a drug under the contract?  Does it specifically say marijuana or 'illegal drugs'?    Xanax is a drug... a legal drug.... with more negative effects than marijuana yet he could probably pop those under the contract.  I think you could probably fight this in court as the contract probably does not specifically say marijuana and if it says drugs or illegal drugs - you could fight that marijuana is no longer illegal or no longer considered a 'drug' in the sense it was used in the contract (illegal.) 

COHockey User

In all fairness he did sign a drug agreement for his job when he was hired (saw it on a real news site).... so when he knowingly shuffled his big ass in line for 19 hours to get weed he knew he was breaking the contract. Then he accidentally spouted off to the news in hopes he could keep quiet about it, making him kind of a dumbass. Sucks for him but someone else got a job out of it.

BlankTitanic User

That ranger getting fired is a joke. Did you see the obese pig that complained because of her kids? No one says it's uncool to teach your kids that stuffing your face with sugar all day long is a problem. But a guy goofing him! firkin savages.

PhilHaney moderator User

@ajgmazzieri  "informative AND inaccurate article" -Everyone stay calm, I didn’t know we had a Nobel Prize winner reading the site. 

synweb77 User

@CanadianTroll I remember just last week when a woman got stoned to death by an angry lynch mob for showing her calves at the mall in Phoenix.......   Ohhh wait that shit doesn't happen here because the U.S.A. is NOTHING like Pakistan.

ajgmazzieri UserTop Commenter

@CanadianTroll The US has the most protective and comprehensive labor laws in the world… dumb ass.

KCjoker User

@CanadianTroll He signed a contract with that clause in it so he has no one to blame but himself.  We do have discrimination laws, smoking weed isn't one of them.

smokified User


Actually state law presides over federal law except for in situations where there is a national concern.  If states can have individually mandated gun laws, there is no reason why a state cannot have individually mandated marijuana laws.  Pot smokers are in no way a national concern.

Apparently you are the retard here, Super Brain.  You are the poster boy of how people who "smoke dope" are not the real problem here.  It is stupid, short sighted, ignorant, judgmental idiots like yourself that are the problem.

Rick_S User

@Samuel-Brownfield-372 Pot may not be illegal on the state level in Washington anymore, but on the federal level, it remains illegal.  That means that pot is not truly legal anywhere in the US.  The current administration has made the choice not to go after pot dispensaries where it is considered legal on the state level, but we have an election in two years, and that could quickly change.  Bottom line is pot is still an illegal drug.

NewUser2014 User

@COHockey in other countries it's like this even with alcohol, even if it's legal there are strict rules when some kind of jobs are involved, like security guard, truck driver and many others.

otek420 User

@PhilHaney @ajgmazzieri well..... Phil should be fired. If your going to come back, at least come back with a come back. yadig?

Enticer User

@smokified @Robert-Patton-148 You need to research Article VI of the US Constitution.  It in no way refers to matters of national concern.  The fact is the feds could come in and close down every one of the states "legal" distribution business and charge them federally.  All the "legalization" in specific states means is the state(s) no longer have a law under very specific circumstances in most cases.

The only reason the feds are not doing anything is because our current president has told the DEA to ignore it.  That was news several years ago, but you were probably too high to notice it.  Once we get a real president in office regardless of which party he/she comes from that may all change and what a fun day that will be.

So enjoy it now while you can potheads.

synweb77 User

@smokified @Robert-Patton-148 Yet another Matlock who got their law degree over the internet.  State law only expands upon and further clarifies Federal law.  The only thing that was made legal was the sale and consumption of small amounts of marijuana within the state.  Possession is still illegal.  Though people are permitted to possess small amounts for personal use from the authorized retailer to their homes.  Though at any time federal law enforcement can raid these shops due to the sale of a controlled substance.  Due to marijuana still being illegal federally these places of business can not utilize the same banking structures as other businesses.  

Before you call someone an "stupid, short sighted, ignorant, judgmental idiot" you may want to take a step back and look at yourself.  The only person on here that I have seen to be remotely stupid is yourself.  


mustangman6799 User

@smokified @Robert-Patton-148 Actually, it's not quite that cut and dry.  As far as the laws and law enforcement in Washington State, you're mostly correct.  I'm not versed on the law that was just passed, but when it was legalized for medical use, as long as you'd paid your fees (that's what it's all about, right?) and had a note from a doctor, you were legal in the state, BUT you were still federally illegal.  Meaning, the local and state police had no grounds to harass you, but federally, the DEA etc. etc. could take you down if they so wished.  And granted, this is assuming you're not violating state law by growing too many plants, having too much usable product or distributing, etc.  

Suffice to say, federal law ALWAYS trumps state law.  But, the federal government tends to permit states tô make and execute laws that are in conflict with federal law, so long as there aren't major issues coming from said conflicting law.