Man Finds Huge Python Hiding In His Corn Flakes

A lot of people are trying to quit depending on that morning cup of coffee for the jolt they need to get up and go, but this is no way to make it happen, folks. A man in Australia may have found the perfect way to get that pick-me-up that we all need without injecting caffeine into his system. He found a huge python in his box of cereal.

Jarred Smith of Sydney, Australia woke up one morning, went downstairs to his breakfast nook and tried to pour himself a bowl of cereal but instead, he found a large diamond python coiled up in a box of Corn Flakes. He said he opened the box and the python’s head popped right out of it. Naturally, he dropped everything and ran to the nearest door. If it was me, I’d have trouble getting to the door because I’d be too busy slipping on the trail of my own urine in front of me.

Smith called the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service to retrieve the reptile and return it safely to the wild. Australia has a large snake population so seeing one of these terrifying creatures crawl into a house isn’t a rare occurrence. However, snakes crawling into cereal boxes is a bit of a new concept. Wildlife experts said the python probably crawled in the box “to feel secure.” Something tells me that from now on, Smith will be buying his cereal in bags.

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source: Death and Taxes