Man Farts In Front Of Judge During Court Decision

A British man being sentenced on shop lifting charges interrupted court proceedings with a loud objection… from his butt. In what is probably the dumbest weird news story going around today that you just clicked on, the 31 year old Aaron Scott Morris from Lincoln was listening to a Magistrate when he let one slip out.  No word on if what the man stole was a cheese cutter.

I would not go back in there for at least 30 min. Hopefully someone lit a match.

Already knowing that he was going to serve time having admitted to “theft from a shop” he also stole a bit of the judge’s thunder with thunder of his own. Lawyers, legal representatives and court observers couldn’t help breaking into laughter at the foul deed. Morris was proud of himself and he too chuckled at his courtroom ass blast before attempting a half heated apology. Whoops!

“Your honor, I can explain.”

The judge however wasn’t as impressed with the juvenile hijinks as we are and sentenced him to 12 weeks in prison for the shop theft charges. Now he will have plenty of time to entertain his cellmates with his booty belches.


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Source: Lincolnshire Echo