Why Did This Man Fake A Coma For Two Years?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a man in a deep two-year coma. Actually it’s the face of a coward faking a coma for the past two years because he was guilty of conning his elderly neighbor out of almost $65,000. That is, until the hospital caught him.

Alan Knight of Swansea, Wales told authorities that he had become a paraplegic due to snapping his neck after falling, which coincidentally happened after Knight was due to appear in court for funneling his neighbor’s pension. It almost sounds like the plot to a really dumb Jamie Kennedy flick.

After Knight started running out of excuses to remain in court, saying he had to go to the hospital each time, he suddenly slipped into a coma due to the seizures he had been experiencing from his head trauma (which of course was all fake).

A photograph of a previous court appearance, ending in a hospital visit.

With authorities and doctors believing that Knight had become unconscious, he was admitted into a hospital where they had no other choice than to wait. Even Knight’s wife had played a part, “caring for her husband” during this entire charade. There are even photos of her looking after Knight, which look painfully fake in hindsight.

With Knight under watch due to his comatose state, they finally caught him fully awake, eating and writing on a notepad. Then footage had surfaced of Knight in a local grocery store, shopping and driving during the year when claimed that he couldn’t move his entire body and was bed ridden in his home. A trip to the grocery store looks like the last place these two need to visit.

Knight is now not only facing the previous charges of scamming his neighbor, but also costing the police, NHS system and court thousands of dollars. This genius, along with his wife, face 19 separate charges of forgery, fraud, and theft. He’ll be finally sentenced in November.

Long story short, the Comedy Central movie should be a laugh-a-minute.

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site: Daily Mail