Man Eats Tablet Computer To Avoid Arrest

Resisting arrest isn’t always the best option when you are about to be handcuffed, but if you are going to resist, you might as well do something memorable and crazy while doing so. You can kick, yell profanities, or maybe eat a tablet computer.

A 41-year-old Russian man was causing a disturbance in his neighborhood in St. Petersburg by throwing his furniture and other things out of the window of his apartment. When police came on to the scene he was resisting arrest and that’s when things got weird. A statement from the police said, “He continued to conduct himself inappropriately and began to demonstratively eat the broken glass and plastic of his tablet.” I wonder if it tasted like an actual apple.

Tastes like chicken!

When one of the police officers tried to stop him from eating it, he got injured. The unnamed man lost consciousness during all of this and unfortunately died before the ambulance arrived. His cause of death is still unknown, but my guess is that he had some mental issues if he was just randomly throwing furniture out of his window and eating a computer tablet… which is just a horrible last meal.

Source: Sputnik News