Man Dying Of Cancer Opts To Marry Sex Doll

All of a sudden marrying a sex doll sounds a lot less bizarre and a lot more heart breaking.

An unnamed Chinese man dying of terminal cancer has decided to marry a sex doll not because he’s fallen in love with “her” but because he didn’t want to leave behind a human being who has to cope with loss. Now that is freakin’ poetic.

The man said he wanted to experience all of the beauty, splendor, and love that goes along with a wedding day. And even though he is not necessarily in love with “her,” the wedding pictures are very convincing.

The 28-year-old definitely didn’t hold back with his wedding — especially with his bride. She is fully dressed up, and made up like a real-life bride. The photos show them posing in various vignettes: hugging, him kissing her hand, him looking longingly into her eyes, and other romantic settings. They are wedding pictures that every other bride and groom have.

His wedding photos have gone viral and people have said that they are part of a weird marketing campaign. Or maybe it’s just a guy dying of cancer wanting to experience a wedding without having to leave behind a grieving widow.

Source:  Daily Mail UK