Chinese Man Cremated With $36k In Cash Life Savings Rather Than Give It To Sons

For today in ‘Good For You Old Man!’ we go to Jiangsu province, China where an elderly, retired farmer surnamed Tao recently passed away. The man had been angry with his two sons for some time and did not want them to inherit any of his life savings totaling 219,000 yuan, which is the equivalent of about $36,000. Now this sort of thing happens all the time.  Many miserable twats are undeserving of another penny from their parents and get no inheritance money from them. However, it is the way in which Tao stuck it to these two brats that is bad ass.


As he was getting older and unable to perform manual labor Tao gave his farm to his two sons and moved to the city to take a job collecting trash. In recent years as his health declined he asked both of his sons if he could live with one of them. They both came up with different excuses resulting in a “no.” I’m guessing they didn’t want pops around to cramp their intense farm parties?


Chinese state television ran a report on this story citing an employee named Yang Lin of the local crematory who witnessed how Tao got back at his kids. After he passed away and his body was sent to be cremated he had a man show up to carry out his final wishes. $36,000 in cash was placed inside the furnace with his body and burned as his two sons waited outside. I mean, I guess he could have given the money to charity, maybe an orphanage for kids who would appreciate tit. On second thought, let’s not take this away from Tao. Good for you! F those bastards.

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Source: Buzz Teller