Man Commits Suicide Rather Than Go Shopping With Girlfriend

Christmas shopping can be pretty grueling; the long lines, the crowds, getting punched in the face for a set of Walmart towels.  Sadly it seems that one man in China ended it all, rather than have to endure one more moment shopping for shoes with his girlfriend. Any guy who has set foot in a busy mall on a Saturday in December knows the feeling; “If I don’t get out of this store, I’m going to kill myself!” Tao Hsiao took this feeling literally when he jumped seven floors to his death in the middle of the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center in Xuzhou, China. At least he died with his dignity.

[[contentId: 2549319| alt: | class: blog-img-left| style: float:left; height:392px; width:320px]]Witnesses told authorities that they heard the man arguing with his girlfriend, demanding that they leave the mall immediately, having already been Christmas shopping for five hours. She wanted to take “just one more look around the shoe store,” and that was one look too many for Hsiao. Before grabbing their shopping bags and leaping over the railing he shouted at her that she “had enough shoes, more shoes than she could wear in a life time!”

So just remember guys, the next time your lady friend wants to “go in one more store” tell her the legend of poor Tao Hsiao, the man in China who killed himself rather than go shoe shopping with his girlfriend. If your lady still wants to go shoe shopping, well then, at least you know where you stand.

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