Man Claims KFC Served Him A Deep Fried Rat

Devorise Dixon was about to have a finger lickin’ good experience at his local KFC in California with a tasty 3-piece chicken tender meal. After he bit into one of the pieces he noticed it was a bit odd. He looked down and saw that his chicken tender had a tail… and it looked like a rat. So he did what anyone else would do. He posted it on social media.

Glad to see KFC has upped the meat quality.

He bagged up the rodent and put it in his freezer as evidence, but a KFC spokesperson is refuting the claims that what he ate was a genuine rat. The spokesperson said, “This happened in the US and, following an immediate investigation, no evidence was found to support this claim. Food safety is our highest priority worldwide and we take allegations of this nature extremely seriously.”

Unless chicken tenders have started growing tails, I would have to agree that what he ate does look very rat-ish. Either way, I wonder if it tastes like chicken.

Deep-fried foods are probably the most delicious things on the face of the Earth. Sure, it might clog your arteries and make you obese, but who cares? This is America. You can deep fry anything and it would be the most glorious thing you put in your mouth: Oreos, Twinkies, Snickers, frog legs – I even went to a county fair once where they were frying Dr. Pepper. I didn’t know what the hell that was all about, but I was on board. But there is a line that has to be drawn when it comes to deep-fried foods and that is deep-fried rat.

Source: Unilad