Guy Breaks Into Restaurant So He Could Chug Some Tabasco Sauce

A man in Berlin, Germany who was either drunk or in danger of freezing smashed his way into a restaurant so he could drink a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Why? Because he was “thirsty”.

Berlin Police arrested the unidentified 34-year-old man for breaking into the restaurant by smashing the front window. Police officials said the man walked up to the restaurant Tuesday night and threw a bicycle through the window in order to gain entry to the restaurant. Once he made his way inside, he grabbed a bottle of Tabasco sauce and drank it down like a nomad who had been wandering the Mohave Desert for three days with an empty canteen.

Neighbors heard the sound of glass breaking and called the police. The responding officers found the unidentified man inside the restaurant and arrested him. Oh and here’s a surprise. A spokesperson for the police department said the man was intoxicated. No need to call Sherlock to consult on this case.

However, police aren’t sure why the man chose to drink a bottle of hot sauce. The leading theory is that he was so intoxicated that he mistook it for a tiny bottle of liquor. That’s plausible but there is another theory. Perhaps he was the pawn in some grand conspiracy in which the Tabasco company paid him to commit the greatest marketing stunt of all time. So don’t be surprised tomorrow if you see ads that call Tabasco sauce “good enough to commit second-degree burglary just so you can drink it.”