Need Brains? This Dude Stole Some And Is Selling Them On Ebay


Ebay is a rather amazing place – one where you can buy nearly everything. Including, at least for a short while, stolen brains from residents of a hospital for the insane.

Indianapolis resident David Charles pled guilty to charges including receiving stolen property and burglary for having broken into the Indiana Medical History Museum to get jars of human brains. Now that’s using your head.


Of course, not every brain that remains gets sold on ebay. Baseball legend Ted Wiliams’ head was frozen and preserved, which of course included his brain but probably not his magical swing.

We may never know if the rumors of Walt Disney’s frozen head being stored somewhere are true, but if so, it would include the brain. If it’s frozen, we can only say “Let It Go.” Besides, the cold never bothered Walt anyway.


Albert Einstein’s brain was kept, and bopped around the country (not literally of course) before finally ending up in the National Museum of Health and Medicine.


This brain is believed to be among the oldest existing preserved brains, dating back some 2600 years. The mud it was in preserved it and if you ask us, it probably had sex on its mind just like most other brains.


For the all-star lineup of brains, you’d have to go to the Moscow Brain Institute, which houses the noodles of Stalin, Tchaikovsky and Lenin.


Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves (or rather, let’s not get too many heads in front of ourselves?) and forget the funniest preserved brain. The fact that it’s not real is no reason to forget the mad folk who saved Hitler’s Brain.