Man Charged With Felony After Pointing Banana At Cops

A Colorado man had a banana in his pocket and he was NOT happy to see the police. That’s because Nathan Rolf Channing was arrested for pointing his phallic shaped fruit at two Mesa County deputies this past Sunday. What, was he peeling without a permit? It turns out that the cops thought it was a gun.

Channing is wearing a yellow shirt in solidarity with his banana.

Officers Joshua Bunch and Donald Love reported that they feared for their lives even though they saw that the object Channing was holding was yellow. They have seen guns of all shapes and colors and weren’t going to take any chances. Officer Love was reaching for his weapon when the banana wielding citizen yelled out “It’s a banana!”

Police mockup of the incident.

Channing was promptly arrested by the officers and charged with “felony menacing.” Someone call Ted Nugent and Chiquita Bannana; they are going to be pissed! This man’s rights have been violated! What kind of country do we live in where you can be charged for concealing and carrying a delicious piece of protein!? Or you know, maybe just don’t mess with the cops.

I got a banana in my pocket and I’m not afraid to use it.

In his defense the 27 year old Nathan said that he was trying out a gimmick for a planned YouTube video he was making that he thought would “lighten the holiday spirit.” Oh great, a whacky YouTube prank video pointing bananas at the cops, –brilliant! He should totally finish that video. – Hey Nathan, please leave a note for your relatives and have them submit that to Break after you’re done filming. Looking forward to it!

Source: KRDO

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