Man Caught Smuggling Heroin In His Foreskin

Through the decades drug smuggling history, people have found many creative (and horrific) ways of hiding drugs while traveling. There was a man in Chile with a broken leg that wore a cast made entirely out of cocaine.  There were two women arrested in Jamaica who tried to smuggle cocaine stitched into wigs on to a plane. In New York, customs officials released a list of items people have tried to smuggle drugs through including dead cats and a dead body. But the winner of this year’s bizarre, albeit creative drug smuggling goes to a man in China who was caught smuggling heroin in his foreskin while on a train from Beijing to Tibet. 

Rail officials were doing a routine search on the train, when they noticed the man (whose name has not been disclosed) acting suspiciously. They asked him to take a urine test and the results showed that he tested positive for morphine.

Dude, you are supposed to smack it, not put smack in it.

They searched his belongings, but he had no drugs on him – and that’s when the lengthy interrogation started.

I guess the man finally broke down under the stress because he confessed that he had some heroin in his wiener all a long. Maybe he didn’t say it exactly like that, but I’m sure it was something along those lines. He gave up a small plastic wrap of heroin – one-tenth of a gram to be exact – from his foreskin. I would have given anything to be in that interrogation room while they were questioning him about his foreskin smuggling. That is a video that the world deserves to see. 

Source: Telegraph