Man Caught On Camera Having Sex With A Porsche

There is a certain amount of understanding of people who have an undying love for their car. I can deal with that. I can even look over the fact that some people name to their automobiles or refer to them as “my girl.” I’ll cringe and gag, but after seeing the camera footage of a guy having sex with a Porsche, car love that doesn’t involve physical contact or exchange of fluids is acceptable.

Footage of a man in Thailand having sex with a car at a Porsche dealership was unleashed on the Internet. Obviously, this footage is NSFW not because his flailing his penis about but because it is graphic in a “man-having-sex-with-car” way. Hell, it’s not even suitable for life. It’s car porn. Watch at your own risk:

When you think of it, is this really sex with a car? Or is it just assisted masturbation? Either way, it is the ultimate in “you can never unsee this” video footage.

When first hearing about this story, it’s funny. You think, “Oh man, this is going to be so hilarious!” Then you watch the footage and your soul is scarred for life. Then you get sad. Then you read the headline again and think, “Well, it is kind of absurd. Let me watch it again!” Then you watch the footage again only to go repeat the cycle that teaches us that there’s a difference between loving your car and LOVING your car – a colossally huge difference.

Take for example this guy who also recently got caught humping a tailpipe:

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Source: DailyDot