Pedestrian Car Jacks Woman So He Can Use McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Future Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Erik Aguilar of Oklahoma City was a man with a plan.

First guy in jail to ever try making “Prison McFlurries” instead of wine.

The genius idea took shape this past Tuesday night around 1AM when this leader amongst men got hungry for some Mickey D’s. The only problem was that when Aguilar approached the McDonald’s drive thru on foot he was denied service since he was not driving in a car. “Sorray, sir, them the rules,” I imagine is what he was told. Not one to let a small rule inconvenience him, Aguilar went up to the car of Lisa Woods who was ordering at the drive thru at the time, opened the driver side door and yanked her out by her arm after she refused to move and took the car.


Here’s a pro tip: if you are working the 1AM shift at a McDonald’s drive thru and a guy that looks like Aguilar approaches on foot… let him have his damn McDonalds.  Giving a slack-jawed response “That’s what my manager said” to the situation is only going to cause everyone a lot of pain in the long run.

 Not to put the blame on the McDonald’s staff just doing their job, because clearly this guy was off his meds or on his meds or just plain insane. But when a situation arises, sometimes just be a human being and don’t be an asshole. Give the crazy guy what he wants and things will go a lot smoother. Your boss will understand.

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