Man Calls 911 To Get Out of Traffic Ticket

Most people will do anything to get out of a traffic ticket but if you find yourself on the receiving end of one, don’t commit another crime to get out of the punishment for an even minor crime. It’s like trying to put out a house fire with a flamethrower. One man in (wait for it…) Oregon! (Ha! Made you look!) learned that lesson the hard way when he made a phony report to a 911 operator just to get out of a ticket. 


Police initially pulled over Salvador Sanchez-Buenrostro of Gresham, Oregon and tried to give him a ticket for a suspended license. However, he elevated the charges a bit for himself. The officer walked back to his car after pulling Sanchez-Buenrostro over to write him his citation and Sanchez-Buenrostro used that moment of alone time to call 911 and report a shooting …that never happened.

His hope was that the dispatcher would send the officer on a wild goose chase and give him ample time to escape, even though he conveniently forgot that the officers already had his driver’s license information and probably his license plate from the dashboard cam. Plus, it’s hard to forget someone who is that stupid.



The dispatcher didn’t fall for the ploy. They traced the call to Sanchez-Buenrostro’s cell phone and his location. Fortunately, an officer was already there to pick him up on the filing a false report charge. Police also learned that he had given the dispatcher a fake name and charged him with suspicion of improper use of 911. He also got stuck with the original traffic ticket. That’s the perfect cherry on this sundae of sadness. 

The weirdest part of this story is that this is not the first time that this has happened. Last November we told you about a man in Chicago that pulled a similar stunt trying to get officers called away for a fake shooting. These guys know there is more than one officer on duty at a time, right?

Source: UPI