Man Calls 911 To Fix His Air Conditioner

It’s summer time and many of us will be indoors enjoying the luxury of having an air conditioner on those extra hot days. It’s an inconvenience when the AC goes on the fritz, but it really isn’t a life or death situation — but one man thought it was. So much that he thought it was necessary to call 911.

Travis Turner, a 27-year-old Pennsylvanian, called 911 and complained that he had difficulty breathing and had chest pains. When the medics arrived, he said that he really didn’t have any medical issues — but he did have problems with his air conditioner. He asked if they could fix it. Apparently, he didn’t know that there is such a thing as an “AC repairmen.” It’s an interesting concept. You call them when you have a problem with your AC and they come over to your house and fix it. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

The paramedics simply dismissed his bogus call and then left to tend to a “pending true medical emergency” at a Chinese restaurant.

This isn’t the first time the 380-pound, 4’11 Turner has cried wolf. Reports say that over the past three years he has made “false/misleading/non-emergency calls” on more than 60 occasions. Last December he was arrested for this and the charges were later withdrawn. There was a plea deal which required him to stop making the non-emergency 911 calls and submit to further welfare oversight and a mental health evaluation.”

So maybe the 911 dispatchers should have this guy on some sort of “do not serve” list… or maybe just take away his phones.

Source: The Smoking Gun