Genius Man Busted For Using Mannequin To Cheat Carpool Lane!

Cheating the carpool lane has been a staple of comedy for years. And now someone finally went and did it. A man in Brea, California was pulled over by local police for driving in the carpool lane with a mannequin. Bravo, sir. Bravo.  

An officer on a motorcycle was shocked to witness a pickup truck driving down the carpool lane of the 57 freeway when it made a sudden lane change with no blinker. That is when the cop saw the “artificial passenger.”  This sure is one way to take advantage of a fake woman.

While the driver was issued a citation for a carpool lane violation, trying to cheat the rule of having at least one passenger in your car in order to use the faster lane option has been a staple of comedy for years. So kudos to this brave motorist for taking something out of a sitcom or a standup comic routine and actually making it happen!

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans will remember the episode where Larry David hires a prostitute, not for sexy time, but in order to use the carpool lane and get to a Dodger’s baseball game faster.

Comedian Jay Mohr, explains the the moment you realize you can use the carpool lane when your kid is in the car. They are a person! They count!

So get a baby or a prostitute, both are equally human unlike that guy’s mannequin. That is of course unless we are talking about the smash hit 1987 film Mannequin in which a department store mannequin comes to life. CLASSIC.

What is a way you have tried to cheat using the carpool lane? Asking for a friend.

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