Boyfriend Tries To Make Romantic Gesture, Burns Down House Instead

Nothing says “I love you” like surprising your lady with a burnt home.

29-year-old Amanj Issen created a nice romantic surprise for his girlfriend, 24-year-old Jana Stankeviciute, who had been on a long trip home to see her family in Latvia. He placed a nice bouquet, chilled champagne, and used candles to spell out her name along with an arrow pointing through a heart. The rose pedals were also a very nice touch.

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So it was a real shame when the lit candles did what lit candles placed on the floor do best: burn things. Amanj was waiting downstairs for his girlfriend to pull up when he heard a crash come from the bedroom. But by then it was too late. The bedroom was ablaze and any level of romanticism went right out the damn window.

At least the couple finally got the chance to take a nice “together again” photo after the fire ruined their home.

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“I just wanted to surprise Jana as I had not seen her in so long,” Amanj said. “The first thing she said to me was ‘I’m just glad you are OK.”

It’s unclear if that was the absolute first thing she said, considering most of their belongings were destroyed either by flames or smoke damage.

“Tea lights reach extremely high temperatures,” said fireman who was on the scene. “If they’re placed directly on a plastic or combustible surface, they quickly melt into the material and can cause a fire.”

The fireman did not note that one shouldn’t just leave a ton of lit candles on the carpet unattended, although that’s probably some good advice too.

The couple is now forced to find other living accommodations. But luckily they have love to keep them warm on those cold homeless nights.


source: Daily Mail