Man Brings Stuffed Owl Into Court As His Lawyer

There is some serious ex-roommate drama brewing in the city of Aspen. Charles Abbott was recently accused by Michael Stranahan, his former roommate, of violating a protection order. The two had a little spat at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that caused a rift in their relationship – hence the protection order.

Charles Abbott; hates roommates, loves owl lawyers.

Stranahan took Abbott to court accusing him of breaking the protection order when he went into his apartment while he was out of town to get some belongings. And while he was there, he allegedly took some of Stranahan’s stuff too. Abbott decided that while waiting for a public defender to get assigned to the case, he’d have a stuffed owl represent him.

The stuffed horned owl’s name is Solomon and according to Abbott, “He’s a very sensitive guy, has law degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford.” He can also probably tell us how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Abbott was hoping to become BFFs again with his ex-roomie, but Stranahan wasn’t having it. Ignoring the owl, Pitkin County Court Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely asked if mediation was an option and Stranahan wasn’t having that either saying, “I don’t feel safe about being in close proximity to Charles Abbott.” I wouldn’t feel safe around a guy who has a stuffed owl act as his lawyer either.

That said, the judge said the protection order would stay in place and if Abbott wanted to get his belongings, he would have to be accompanied by a deputy. As for the owl, he was unavailable for comment.

Source: Denver Times