Man Bought John Lennon’s Guitar for $200 At Garage Sale, Selling It for $600,000

Garage sales usually have more useless junk than Adam Sandler’s IMDB page. So why do so many people still keep going to them and shelling out hard earned money for other people’s crap? It’s because there’s always a .00000001 percent chance that they’ll stumble across something that’s worth an insane amount of money, even if 99.99999999 percent will just end up in another garage sale. The rest could go to a high priced auction like the guy who found John Lennon’s old guitar. 

That old wood saw your dad keeps in the garage might have been used to write Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – you never know.

This isn’t just any guitar. This is the guitar that rock historians have been looking for for almost 50 years. Lennon first bought the guitar back in 1962 and used it during one of the Beatles’ first recording sessions in London at EMI Studios for songs such as “PS I Love You” and “Love Me Do.” He also used the guitar to record some of the bands’ most beloved and popular songs like “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “All My Loving” and “She Loves You.” So it’s basically the Holy Grail of guitars if the guitar could also heal bullet wounds and grant immortality. 

The guitar in question.

Then in 1963, Lennon lost the guitar during a Christmas show at Finsbury Park and it stayed missing until last year. It turned up in San Francisco as part of the collection of amateur guitarist John McCaw. He bought it at a pawn shop in the 1970s for just “a couple of hundred dollars” and kept it in his collection until a friend recognized it from a book of Beatles memorabilia. The author of the book, Andy Babiuk, had a look at the guitar and found that the serial number proved it was the long lost guitar. It’s now sitting in an auction house where it’s expected to fetch at least $600,000. So there’s a lesson here, kids. Don’t throw away anything that you own. It might be worth something someday. 

What is the weirdest thing you ever baught at a garage sale?

Ha, those glasses are not worth much: I just sold a pair that looked just like them for $5 at my yard sale.

Source: Rolling Stone