Man With Multiple DUI Arrests Blames Beer Battered Fish For Getting Him Drunk

What happens when you’re 75-years-old, live in Wisconsin and look like an extra from The Red Green Show? You simply stop giving a f*ck. You also blame your intoxication behind the wheel of a moving vehicle on beer battered fish, because who cares, right?

John Przybyla told a Deputy that he had beer battered fish for dinner, which is what lead him to blowing a .062 alcohol level. Unfortunately for John, he has had many DUI arrests in the past and is not allowed to blow over a .02. Poor guy. He had previous arrests for driving while undre the influence (not of beer battered fish) in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee, Adams, and Columbia counties since 1995.

Safe to say this won’t be the last time Wisconsin police will have to deal with old man Przybyla. We’re just curious what excuse he’ll come up with next.

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source: WSAW