Bowling Alley Brawler Bites Man’s Ear Off

A man in Oklahoma is facing a charge of maiming for biting another man’s ear off after the two got into an argument at a bowling alley. Police arrested 40-year-old James Foster last Friday in connection to a call back on Aug. 31st from the bowling alley in which they found an unidentified man minus one ear. 

The fight started at a bowling alley in Tulsa. Foster, an ex-con who served time on charges of shooting with intent to kill and assault with a dangerous weapon, was bowling next to Chris Lyons when one of them spilled a drink on an adjacent table. The two started a verbal argument before things turned physical. Witnesses said that Foster threw the first punch and the two started tussling. During the struggle, Foster bit down on Lyons’ ear and ripped it clean off of his head. Doctors said the bite was so severe that they can’t reattach the ear and he will need plastic surgery and skin grafts.

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This guy bit a man’s ear off at a bowling alley and we’re still sure that’s it’s more edible than anything they served at the concession stand.

Police couldn’t find Foster at the scene of the crime on August 31st but put out a warrant for his arrest, which was served last Friday during a traffic stop. We have to be totally honest. When we first heard about a guy getting his ear ripped off at a bowling alley, we were really hoping the incident involved a fake kidnapping with a botched ransom drop, a White Russian loving hippie and Steve Buscemi.

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