Man Beats Friend While Watching ‘Walking Dead’ After He “Changed Into A Zombie”

Getting drunk while watching The Walking Dead may sound like fun, but the innocent activity did not end well for two friends in Prewitt, N.M. Actually, I would hardly call them friends after what happened.

Damon Perry, 23, and his unidentified friend were binge-watching the popular horror drama on Netflix when Perry allegedly started beating his friend after he (or she — the gender of the victim has yet to be reported) started to “change into a zombie.”

On top of punching and kicking his friend, Perry allegedly hit him (or her) with an electric guitar, a microwave, and other household items. Starting to sound more like a Slipknot music video.

The Grants Police department arrived to the apartment complex where it all took place after a 911 call reported a man walking around the complex, threatening people with a knife. That man was Perry.

Maintenance workers found Perry’s friend in the apartment. The friend was unresponsive with signs of trauma and was pronounced dead on the scene.
It’s no surprise that reports say that they were both drunk, but I am pretty sure that some other mind altering substances were involved or maybe Perry was mentally disturbed. I may be wrong, but when you say that your friend is turning into a zombie after watching a fictional program, there is a huge problem there. The Walking Dead is a good show, but it’s not THAT good.