Man Arrested After Smashing Window To Save Dog From Hot Car

Whoever said that nice guys get what they deserve was totally wrong (is that an expression?) Army veteran Michael Hammons came to the rescue of a Pomeranian trapped inside the sweltering hotbox of a parked car with the windows rolled up, with no water, on a hot 80 degree day in Athens, Georgia. All dogs go to heaven, just not today and not on Michael Hammons watch.

This dog’s owner didn’t even attempt to roll down the window.

After other shoppers noticed the dog in the car and had called police, Hammons took swift action. The veteran of Operation Desert Storm couldn’t stand to see anything happen to the cute little dog in the car and didn’t want to wait around for others to resolve the situation. So he grabbed the foot rest of his wife’s wheelchair and went to town on the window of the Mustang, smashing the glass and freeing the dog.

He told reporters;

“I’ve got PTSD and I’ve seen enough death and destruction and I didn’t’ want anything else to happen.”

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However once the owner of the car aka doggie death trap came out of the store she was pretty angry;

“She said you broke my window, and I said I did. She says why would you do that? I said to save your dog.” said Hammons.

The worst part is that the car is a convertible… the owner could have left the TOP down.

The police say that they would not have arrested him on their own under the circumstances and understand why he broke the window. However, the owner of the car and the dog was very insistent that Hammons be charged with the destruction of her property and officers had no choice but to arrest him. Good Guy Hammons has seen a lot and doesn’t care about getting arrested. He says;

“I knew there’d be consequences, but it didn’t matter. Glass, they make new glass every day, but they could never replace that dog.”

Hopefully Hammons will be around the next time this lady leaves her dog in the car with the windows rolled up.

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Source: My Fox Atlanta