Man Arrested For Fighting At Chuck E. Cheese After He Left Behind Photo Himself

It’s easy to understand how a fight can break out between a group of parents at a Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza. We’re not saying it’s right or should happen but any parent who has had to go to one can understand how it could happen. It’s loud, noisy and causes more long lasting headaches than a hangover. The pizza is overpriced and tastes like Italian fiberglass. And you have to slap on a big smile through it all for the happiness of your children. That doesn’t explain why one guy who got in a huge fight at the place left behind a photo of himself for police to find. 



A fight broke out at the Chuck E. Cheese in Lancaster, Penn. earlier this month and one of the men who started the fight fled the scene before police could make it to the scene. Police said the man got into an argument with another parent over their child’s behavior while one of them was sitting in a photo booth. One of the men punched the other twice and fled the scene on a motorcycle. However, police were able to identify the man in the photo booth because he had taken a picture of himself in the photo booth and left it behind for police to find and witnesses to identify. Police also released the photo to the media and it’s a shame that it wasn’t one of those photo booths that puts happy ducks or hearts around the photo because that’s the only way this story could be funnier.


Chuck E. Cheese’s new slogan: “Not as fun as you remember it.”

Police eventually identified and arrested the man in the photo booth as 21-year-old Joel Ramos and later charged him with simple assault and disorderly conduct. He is being held on a 200,000 Skee-Ball ticket bond, which can also be exchanged for a plastic comb. 

Source: Lancaster Online