Man Arrested After Dog Tests Positive For Methamphetamine

It’s bad enough that stoners are getting their dogs high, but having a dog do meth is where I have to draw the line — even if it is an “accident.” A man in Georgia was arrested after his dog was tested positive for methamphetamine.

Marty Allen Rogers brought his terrier named “Little Guy” to the animal hospital because he was acting a little strange. In a veterinarian report, the dog was “extremely nervous and constantly paces and panting and restless.”

We are protecting the dog’s identity for his privacy.

After running some tests, it turned out Little Guy tested positive for meth which investigators believe he ingested at Rogers’s house. Leave it to a meth head to take animal cruelty to a new level. 

The 47-year-old was charged with cruelty to animals but when they went to his home they discovered more meth and a stolen motorcycle so he was also busted on narcotics possession and theft. Luckily, Little Guy is fully recovered and is in an animal shelter up for adoption. 

If Rogers wanted to rot his teeth and lead a nasty life as a strung out meth head, that’s fine and well for him but don’t bring your lovable canine into it. His life is definitely more precious than his.

Source: The Smoking Gun