Man Accused Of Slapping Elderly People For Sneezing In Public

When someone sneezes, the normal thing to do is to say “God Bless You” or “Gesundheit” if you want to be a little more secular about it. One man in Cumbria Has decided to go a different route when it comes to someone sneezes. He slaps them.

Stephen Jackson has allegedly slapped or threatened to slap five people for sneezing in public in what authorities are calling “highly unusual” attacks. In this case, calling these attacks “highly unusual” is a very huge understatement. What makes things even worse and weirder is that all his victims have been between the ages of 65 and 82.

It is reported that the 49-year-old sneeze slapper assaulted his victims for sneezing in the Carlisle City Centre because “that sort of behavior will not be tolerated.”

The adorbs town where the sneeze slapper ran amok.

The first incident happened when he allegedly slapped a 65-year-old on the head for sneezing outside of a bar. After that, he just continued his slap attack on three other women and one man. He has been charged with four counts of assault, one count of common assault, one count of using threatening behavior and 10 counts of WTF.

Imagine what he would do if someone burped in public – or even worse. What if he heard someone fart in public? I shudder to think.

Source: The Guardian