Heroic Husband Charged With Felony After Killing Man Trying To Rape His Wife

A New York man who killed a notorious criminal that tried to sexually assault his wife has been charged with felony assault, sparking outrage from members of his community that claim he should be hailed as a hero instead.

Mamadou Diallo of the Bronx was working as a Lyft driver when he received a frantic call from his wife. She told her 61-year-old husband that a seemingly insane man had barged into her home, beat her with a chair and took off all her clothes. The man was 43-year-old Earl Nash, a dangerous ex-con with an extremely long rap sheet that includes several violent crimes dating back to 2003.

“While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die,” Diallo’s wife told New York Daily News. “He tried to kill me.” 

Diallo rushed into his apartment building’s elevator. When the doors opened on his floor, he was confronted by the sight of his naked wife in the hallway and Nash attempting to flee. That is when Diallo began beating on him with a tire iron so ferociously that Nash’s skull was caved in and he later died from his injuries.

Police reviewed security footage of the incident and determined that Diallo should face a manslaughter charge, declining to press a murder charge since the attack was not premeditated. After reconsidering, police reduced the charge to assault. Since Nash was trying to get away, officials say, Diallo technically was not defending himself or his wife in the moment.

Still, Diallo’s neighbors have had nothing but praise for the couple, who they described as “peaceful” and “hardworking.