Mall Planned To Charge Parents For Letting Kids Sit On Santa’s Lap

The only thing worse than having to go to a mall at Christmas time is having to go with kids in tow. They are enamored by everything in their line of sight because it’s designed to catch their attention. So just trying to keep them from wandering off can be like trying to keep a pair of greased pigs in line. The only solace most of these poor people get are handing them to off an imaginary Santa so they can enjoy a few minutes of peace. One mall actually wanted to turn that staple of holiday commerce into a moneymaker. 

A mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey wanted to actually charge customers for the privilege of letting their kids sit on Santa’s lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. The mall wanted to include the traditional Santa meet-up as part of an “Adventures to Santa” experience in which customers would walk through the North Pole on their way to meet jolly ol’ St. Nick and get to have their picture taken with Santa as part of a photo package. Unfortunately, they would have to pay just to get into the experience even if all they wanted to do was meet Santa without having their picture taken. Hey, even Santa’s got expenses and he uses sweatshop labor. 

Parents flipped out at the idea and complained about it to the local press. The response was so bad that the mall announced they would lift the fee for the experience. Hopefully, Santa will express his displeasure by feeding his reindeer some oat bran muffins and flying over the mall at “just” the right time. 

Source: HuffPo