Now You Can Buy Or Even Make Your Own Super Bowl Left Shark Costume

Katy Perry pulled off an impressive and entertaining performance during last Sunday’s Super Bowl, even though she didn’t have a very high bar she had to climb over given some of the past performances we’ve seen over the years. She filled the stage with all sorts of amazing spectacles and colorful characters but it seemed like the only thing most people cared about were some upright dancing sharks. The Internet blew up at the sight of these cute sea creatures, spawning gifs, videos and even tattoos because the Internet can’t resist the site of an adorable, cuddly killing machine.

It was only a matter of time before someone would figure out a way to turn these fluffy miracles of evolution into a costume of their own. And it only took less than a week! A company hopes to start selling copies of the Katy Perry shark costume with instructions now on the web, just in case you’re in a hurry before the fad dies out.

New York’s Bonobos, a men’s fashion brand, announced on Twitter that they are fielding the public’s interest in selling a version of the shark costume. They posted a section on their website where people can input their email to be notified about the costume’s availability and the company promises that if they get enough interest, they will start manufacturing and selling the shark suit to the masses. Really, Bonobos? What part of “Yes, I’d like you to take a hot needle to my skin so I can have a Katy Perry shark tattoo” do you not understand?

If you’d rather not wait for the company to crap or get off the pot, there’s an IndieGoGo campaign to start selling them en masse. David Lam started a fundraising campaign to make the shark costumes and he raised the $5,000 he needed to launch his project in just two days. As of Wednesday, he more than tripled his fundraising goal. He also promised to release a PDF of instructions to make the shark suit so people who can’t afford to buy one can make their own without having to alter their life goals or better their station in life.

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source: AV Club