Weird “Magic Island” Appears And Then Disappears On Saturn’s Moon Titan

You might remember the story a few months ago when a random rock mysteriously appeared in front of the Mars Opportunity Rover, only to vanish again. NASA was even sued by one citizen who claimed they didn’t do enough to investigate the rock as possibly a sign of life on the Red Planet.

Titan, a great place to visit, a really bad place to breathe.

Well now something else is puzzling scientists that has appeared and disappeared on Saturn’s largest moon Titan – that is bigger than a rock. A lot bigger.

Mysterious “Island” appears on Titan, or something weird floating in NASA scientist’s soup bowl?

Scientists operating the Cassini space probe have spotted an object in one of Titan’s largest seas of liquid methane that is sure to have the Ancient Aliens guy’s head exploding with “I told you so” enthusiasm. The space craft took photos of Ligeia Mare, a lake about the size of one of The Great Lakes on Earth. The saw what they are dubbing “The Magic Island” appearing in the lake one day, however when the spacecraft flew by again, photos show that the object had disappeared.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying… that I’m sick of this meme but it fits here really good.

Although they are referring to it as an island scientists are not sure exactly what it is, saying though that it is probably not a land mass. Some theories they speculate include waves, bubbles, floating solids and suspended solids.



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None of this rational stuff is as exciting as what our imaginations can come up with. What do you think is in the  methane lake on Saturn’s moon?

Here is what I think it could be:

Giant Alien Candy Land Molasses Swamp  

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