Mom Finds Maggots Living In Her Kids’ Pop-Tarts

Prepare to have Pop-Tarts ruined for you forever… or until you get over it and have an irresistible craving for America’s favorite breakfast toaster pastry. Jessica Newsome’s daughter was having a tasty low-fat strawberry Pop-Tart, but when she bit into it she screamed, “Mommy, daddy, there’s something living in my Pop-Tart and it crawled in my mouth!”

They were maggots.


Newsome immediately opened the one of the other boxes of Pop-Tarts and saw maggots crawling around the icing and living in the filling of the breakfast pastries. Check out the video below, it’s as disgusting as you would imagine. Newsome bought the Pop-Tarts from a Winn-Dixie in Cocoa, Florida. The expiration date was in October 2015 so they were supposed to have more shelf life, but considering they had maggots, it’s safe to say they have gone bad.

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Kellogg’s believes it is an isolated incident and they are working with the local Winn-Dixie to investigate what exactly caused the maggots. They have since removed the Pop-Tarts from the shelves, but Kellogg’s hasn’t recalled the items yet.
Okay. I’m going to go vomit now.