Make-A-Wish Turned This Boy Into Godzilla For His Very Own Movie

Chicago, beware of the power that is MADZILLA!

When a sick little boy named Maddex asked to become Godzilla, Make-A-Wish made his huge dream come true. The 5-year-old is now the star of his very own movie, complete with over 100 hundred extras, set miniatures, and a Godzilla costume.

After his wish was made, the city of Chicago came together to make it happen. The film includes cameos by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. Emanuel will actually play a cab driver in the short film, while Ditka will play the city's mayor.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel discussing his character with Maddex.

According to his mom, Maddex was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago, and still has 18 months of painful treatment left, including a spinal tap procedure. She hopes that as he grows older, Maddex will fondly remember that his wish to be Godzilla came true, rather than focusing on his illness and painful treatments.

Maddex directs his extras as they react to MADZILLA.

In addition to the movie shoot, Gareth Edwards, director of the latest Godzilla film, heard of Maddex's fandom and sent him a cool swag box. Now his house is littered with 30 to 40 Godzilla toys. But that's just the tip of the iceberg for Maddex, who watched his first Godzilla film when he was 18-months-old and was a fan from then on.

"Maddex has Godzilla-themed shirts, a mask, comic books, a lunch box, a messenger bag, lamps and about 20 Godzilla movies," said his father Tony. "A giant Godzilla face greets people who walk down a stairway in the home. Most family photos taken in the home have a lizard somewhere in them."

After hearing this story, we can't help but be reminded of BATKID, a five-year-old Miles Scott from San Francisco also battled cancer. Make a Make-A-Wish allowed him to become Batman for a day. We can only hope he makes a cameo in Maddex's movie, considering Batman and Godzilla combined would be awesome.

Madzilla is to be completed and released in late August. I'm kind of excited to see the end result.