“Madden NFL 15” Correctly Predicts Super Bowl XLIX

Video game technology has come so far in terms of graphics and sound that we must be very close to a day when we may not be able to tell the difference between the digital world and the real one. Imagine living in a world like “The Matrix” but without all the leather bondage wear and hokey dialogue. Case in point: a simulation game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks on “Madden NFL 15” predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX right down to the last point. 

EA Sports ran a simulation of the Xbox One version of “Madden NFL 15” between the two before last Sunday’s big game in Phoenix, Arizona. The simulation ended with a final score of 28-24 in favor of the Patriots. Six days later, the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX by a score of 28-24 for the fourth time in franchise history. 

The game’s scary good predictions don’t just end with the score. The simulation also predicted that New England would score the first touchdown pass, Patriots QB Tom Brady would throw four touchdowns for 328 yards and Patriots WR Julian Edelman would catch 9 passes while racking up 106 yards. During the actual game, Brady threw the first touchdown pass of the game and racked up 335 yards with four touchdowns. Edelman caught 8 passes and racked up 109 yards in the real world…or is it? 

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Of course, not every prediction the game made was perfect like the halftime score and the points that Seattle would score first after taking the field in the third quarter. It also couldn’t have predicted the absolutely crazy ending that saw Seattle give up a chance at victory just one yard shy of the end zone when coach Pete Carroll decided to pass the ball instead of run it in with just 20 seconds left to go in the game or the bizarre fight that followed it. I guess technology may be able to predict skill and talent but it still can’t simulate human insanity.